Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Wedding!!!!!!

Finally, the wedding pictures! I have been wanting to post these pictures since the day after the wedding, but I couldn't until Tamra and Paul got back from the honeymoon. Then, when they got back we had Thanksgiving and all other sorts of activities that have kept me from posting. So, here they are. This is going to be the most pictures ever posted on a blog. But I hope you enjoy them!

Tamra and me getting pampered before the big day

Mother and Kristi getting the church ready

All the kiddos (Tyler, Benjamin, Mia, Cait & Eli)
Tyler is Benjamin and Cait's new cousin. He is such a sweet little boy!

Tamra and Paul rehearsing

The beautiful bride! Finally the real dress pictures!

Cait waiting patiently

Kristi and me
(Kristi is Tamra's new sister-in-law, even though we already feel like we are blood related to her.)
We love you Kristi!
Me and my gang!

My Granny Kemp and my beautiful Mom

My Mom and my handsome Daddy

Mia and her GiGi
(She was attached to GiGi's hip the entire time we were here)

Mia and her favorite cousin, Benjamin. They are so sweet together.

Mia practicing her princess walk. It's funny what they learn without you teaching them. I guess she learned it from watching Cinderella. Even thought I do tend to walk like this frequently!

The cake! Wasn't it beautiful?

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis
Don't they look so happy? Tamra was the most beautiful bride!

Cait giving her Mommy a kiss! Is this not the sweetest thing?

This picture is of Cait showing Mia the bracelet her new Dad gave her. It was a charm bracelet that had a heart charm engraved "Dad". He gave Benjamin a bible. The kids were so proud of there gifts.

Cait and Eli pretending that they were getting married.
It was such a beautiful wedding! Thank you God for sending Tamra such a wonderful husband! We love you Paul!