Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Party Time!

Well, Eli finally got his skate party. It was a blast! We all had so much fun skating and FALLING. Here is Jason and Ryan chillin'.

Beautiful Cait

Benjamin trying to go really fast!

GiGi did great. Only fell a few times. Ha!

Poppa even gave it a try.

And then there is the Birthday boy!

Look at that face! Doesn't he look like he is having fun?

The Bell's and the Gant's getting their skates!

Aunt T and Cait

Heather and Brayden

Madison and Wendy

Mia waiting patiently for Hudson.

Miss "toothless" Shelby

Cupcake time!

Mommy getting to skate with the birthday boy!

Whoohoo! Look us! Don't we look cool! If only this was taken in the 80's or whenever skating REALLY was the coolest thing ever!

Melissa with her boys, Hudson and Ty

Nonny having fun!

Presents! Yea!

Mia and her cousin Luke dancing

Everyone is pooped! It was a really fun night! Thank you to everyone that got to come! And Happy Birthday sweet Eli! We love you so much and are so thankful that God gave you to us!

Birthday Boy!

OUR LITTLE 5 YEAR OLD! As always on his birthday a special birthday breakfast. His request was a breakfast taco from Ramon's and a chocolate covered donut! Yummy!

Than a special gift from Ms. Julie and Mr. Jamey- Golf Clubs!!!!

He was so excited!

Then off to try out the golf clubs with Daddy!

Thank you Ms. Julie and Mr. Jamey! Eli loves his clubs. He is always practicing "Tick tock, like a clock" and his "L' swing. Tiger Woods, watch out!