Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting Ready to Move


Well, as you may know, we moved into our very first home a couple of months ago. Since Ryan was a youth minister we lived in the youth minister's parsonage (house) behind our church. We loved the house and had many great memories there. But it was very old and started needing a lot of work to upkeep it. So, when Ryan became our senior pastor in April the church voted to allow us to buy our own home. It was such a huge answer to prayer. So, we decided we needed to get some things ready before it was time to move. We needed a dresser for Eli's room and a big girl bed for Mia and prayed that God would provide those super cheap. He answered our prayer again. My sweet friend Melissa found a dresser for Eli at at garage sale for $25 bucks and gave us an old bed of theirs. All we had to do was paint them. So, I wanted to share the before and afters. They turned out just like we wanted. The picture above is a dresser from mine and Ryan's room that we have been wanting to repaint for a long time. We love the outcome. (Sorry the picture is above. My computer has been acting crazy lately)


Now this is the bed that Melissa gave me for Mia


And after

This is the dresser that she found at the garage sale for us.
It had terrible hardware on it!


And after!

Thanks Melissa for being such a sweet friend and giving us all of this. You are the best! And thank you God for always providing for all of our needs, even when they seem small or unimportant.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Looks like my daughter may have a future in fashion. What do you think?
Does she know how to put an outfit together or what?????

Friday, July 9, 2010

Eli's Preschool Graduation

My sweet little Eli graduated from Preschool this Spring. It is so sad in a way. He really is growing up. But I was very proud of myself. I only teared up a couple of times and didn't totally lose it at his graduation. Now, I look forward to starting the school year with him this Fall. Ryan and I have made a huge decision. We felt like God was calling us to homeschool our kids and we have decided to do that. This coming from someone who swore I would NEVER homeschool my kids. It is amazing how God can change your mind and your way of thinking. I can not tell you the weight that was lifted off the second we decided. We had complete peace and knew without a doubt that we were doing exactly what God has called our family to do. How exciting! And scary! But I know that if God has called me to do this that he is also going to equip me. So, I have comfort in that. Thank you God.

Eli and Kegan

Eli and Brayden

Eli and Madison
(and Eli is going to be so sad that his Madison is moving away. I'm sad too)

Mia and her Nonny

This is his teacher, Ms. Melissa. She is wonderful!

Eli saying the closing prayer (with his eyes open, as always)

Mia was so proud of her big brother!
Can't you tell???

Eli and Nonny

Eli with GiGi and Poppa

My boy and me

Eli with his Daddy

Eli giving Ms. Kelli a big hug

Thank you Ms. Melissa (and Ms. Donna and Ms. Heather) for a wonderful year! We are going to miss seeing you every Tuesday and Thursday!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Easter Fun at the Lake

We spent part of Easter weekend at the lake with our family. We had our annual Spring egg hunt with the kids and it was a blast as usual.

Sweet Benjamin

Beautiful Shelby

Cute Luke

My adorable Mia

And beautiful Cait

My honey and me!

Tamra and Paul

My sweet handsome Eli

My handsome Ryan

Mia and Cait decided to take a swim in the hot tub at Nonny and Pop Pop's house.

Cait ended up hitting her mouth on the steps and knocked out a loose tooth. Can you say "dramatic"???? She comes by it honestly. She comes from a line of dramatic women (and men)!

All better!

Ryan's big catch of the weekend

Nonny and her girl

Confetti egg fight!!!!!!!!

Mia spending some time with her Pop Pop

It was a wonderful weekend that ended with a beautiful church service. It was wonderful to praise our Lord and Savior for not only dying on the cross for our sins but also rising again! Praise His name!