Monday, November 23, 2009

Fall Festival Fun!

My kids LOVE to dress up! When we are at home they dress up all day long. So, they were very excited to dress up for their Fall Festival at school! And then they got to dress up for West Columbia's Trick or Treat in the Park. My friend Kelli organized the event and it ended up being such a great outreach for the community. Our church had a booth to take pictures of kids in their costumes and we also gave away magnetic frames with our church info on them. And a band from our church "Faint Not" sang the entire night at the event. It was so great to walk around this park on a usually very dark night and hear praises to God throughout the park. It was amazing. We even had visitors the next day at church that heard the band play. God is so good! Anyways, here are some pictures!!!!!

Eli and Mia ready for their Fall party at school!
Snow White
No, her hair is not "as black as coal", but she does have the "skin as white as snow"!

Our little Texas Football player

At school!

Look at that face!!!!
Right before we left to go to the Trick or Treat in the park!
Our pirate. I love how he turns his head so he can
still see out of the eye with the eye patch on!

Beautiful Cinderella
She usually does not turn her feet out, so these pictures crack me up!
GiGi and Nonny got to come with us! The kids were SO excited!

Eli and Mia with Eli's buddy Brayden!

Mia loved this little dog with a tutu on!
And Eli loved this huge dog with a tutu on!

The kids at the booth for our favorite hardware store.
Some sweet friends of ours own the store!
Eli and Mia were very excited to see Ms. Angela and Ms. Ditter!
GiGi and Mia
My sweet friend Kelli that planned the whole event and "Faint Not" behind her. I know this is a terrible picture, but it was getting dark and I was so far from the stage.
Nonny with her sweet grand babies!
GiGi with hers!
My good friends Danta, Heather and Paola!
I love this picture! Don't they look so cute???
Eli with his sweet Kegan!
Mia with her sweetheart, Lukey!
Mommy with her princess and pirate!
Ryan made it home from the Baylor game and got to see the kids all dressed up.
They were so excited!
It was a fun, fun night! Can't wait until next year!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fall and Birthday Fun!

For Tamra's birthday we all went to the lake to celebrate! While we were there the kids decorated some pumpkins with GiGi. They turned out so cute. They cut out eyes, noses, mouths, mustaches, etc. from magazines and glued them to their pumpkins.

Eli with his pumpkin

Mia with hers



Tamra with her Birthday cake! Yum Yum cake!

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Then the next day we went to Dallas to visit Tamra, Paul and the kids.
Ryan had to work in the library at Southwestern for his doctorate paper.
One night we met at Babes Chicken to eat. That is always a treat we get to enjoy when we visit Dallas! It was so yummy!

Pumpkin Patch

Every month our Mom's group gets together and we go and do something fun. In the month of October we went to the Pumpkin Patch in Lake Jackson, just like we do every year. It was so much fun! After the kids picked out their pumpkins we headed to the mall to decorate them. Yes, the mall! The mosquitoes were so bad outside that we had to find somewhere close indoors to decorate our pumpkins. It worked out great!

Mia picking up that huge pumpkin

Sweet brother and sister.
This is the only picture I could get of the 2 of them
where they are not fighting. So glad I at least got 1!

My sweet boy!

My sweet girl!

The whole gang, minus Kegan!

Then Miss Kegan showed up! Yea!

Kelli and Luke with the pumpkin he decorated!

Heather and Brayden with his pumpkin!

Madison with the pumpkins she decorated for herself and Lillian!

Kegan with her pretty pumpkin!

Miss Bo with her pumpkin!

Momma and Mia

Eli and Me!


As many of you know, I have been training for 15 weeks for a half marathon, which we ran last Sunday (pictures coming soon). But in our 10th week of training we were suppose to run a 5K. This was my first race ever, so I was very excited. My friend Wendy and I signed up for a race in Sugar Land at the last minute. It was so much fun and so much easier than the 1/2 marathon!

Wendy and me

Wendy ready for her run

Don't I just look lovely?