Thursday, July 23, 2009

Disney Day 5 - Epcot

This was our second favorite park! We almost didn't go there because we had heard that it was not a lot of fun for kids. But it was lots of fun for everyone. We are so glad we went!

Kids in front of the Epcot ball.
The sun was really in their eyes, poor babies.

Daisy Duck kissing Eli's shirt.
She was kissing a picture of her boyfriend, Donald.

Waiting to get some autographs.
I know it seems boring, but this is the main thing they wanted to do.

Minnie Mouse

Donald Duck

Mickey Mouse



Poppa and GiGi riding the Nemo ride with Eli

Poppa and Eli getting ready watch one of the many 3-D shows.

Ryan & me in front of the Eiffel Tower in "France"

This was the restaurant we ate at in France.
It was beautiful and the food was great!

This day we got to eat lunch with Poppa and GiGi.

My sweet wonderful husband.
And yes, he does have a black belt in crazy!

We had a special visitor come to our table.
Actually I am not sure if that is his name, but I know that is the movie he is off of.
Here he is talking to us, with the waiter translating for him.

He even sang and danced for us.
Here is the waiter dancing along.

After lunch my Mom had silhouettes done of the kids.
I don't have a scanner or else I would post a picture of them on here.
They turned out great. The artists cut out the silhouettes.
It was amazing!
Check out my sister's blog. She posted pics of Cait and Benjamin:

In England we saw Mary Poppins!
Everytime we saw her Mia would cut in front of all of the other kids and steal a quick hug.
It was so funny!
Alice in Wonderland!

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too! (And Eeyore)

Eli and Mia in front of one of the many gardens in "England"

Then we saw Belle and the Beast.
As you may notice, the Beast is alone. The kids would not go near him.
He even got down on one knee so he would not be so intimidating.
He was still a little scary looking.
So Belle came over to them and took a picture.
If you click on this picture and enlarge it you will see that she looks just like Belle.
She was so pretty!
All the kiddos waiting for Aurora.

Sleepy Beauty

Cait was mesmerized by her.

This was my personal favorite!
Snow White!
She was so sweet with Mia.
Mia went up to her and told her not to take any apples from mean old ladies and so Snow White asked Mia if she could kiss her on the cheek. And of course she said yes. So, she had bright red lipstick on her cheek for the rest of the day.

Here is Mia with her kiss!

Poor Eli slept through the whole thing.

That night we rode a Viking ride and then got stuck in the gift shop because it was raining so hard outside. So, the guys had fun trying on some hats! Don't they look like real vikings?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Disney Day 4 - Disney Studios

Another fun day at Disney!

Benjamin, Tamra and Daddy on the "Lights, Motor,Action" ride
Mom, Ryan & Eli

Benjamin with one of the Power Rangers

Cait watching the "High School Musical" routine
Off to lunch at the 50's Primetime Cafe.
This was s super cool place that looked like you were
eating in an old time kitchen with "Mom" as your waitress.
Tamra, Paul, Benjamin & Cait waiting to ride "Toy Story"
Danyel & Miss Mia
Mom & Dad on the ride

Ryan & me with the kids at the Chronicles of Narnia set
We watched "Beauty & the Beast" live on the stage

With Tow-Mater

Stunt show
We even got to see Herbie!
We took the kids to see Playhouse Disney!
They loved this! They sang all the songs and danced.
It was very exciting to see Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,
Little Einsteins, My Friends Tiger and Pooh & Handy Manny.

It was very hot and rained a lot, but it was still a very fun day!