Sunday, May 31, 2009

Visiting Cousins

A few weeks ago, we made our way up to Dallas to see Tamra and Paul and the kids. It was a very quick trip, but lots of fun. We were even able to go see Joy, Shelby and Luke. Tamra had a teacher's work day that Monday, but the kids were out of school. So, I got to hang out with my niece and nephew all day. It was so much fun! Here are some pictures of the kids trying out the skates and roller blades. It was hilarious!!!!!!!!!

My little cutie!

My niece, Cait

My nephew, Benjamin

We had LOTS of falling down!

Even Miss Mia tried them out

Cait was having trouble standing, but after
awhile she was skating everywhere!

It was a fun visit! We can't wait until we can visit again!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mia Beth's Surgery

Mia had tubes put in her ears back in April. She was having a ton of ear infections and after much debating we decided this would be the best thing for her. It was the hardest thing we have gone through with her. Thank all of you who prayed for her and gave us wonderful advice. We really appreciated it. Everything went smoothly and I know it was because so many of you were praying for her and for us (the worried parents).

Here is Mia in her pretty dress that the nurse gave her.
She was very excited to wear it!

Our sweet girl

We got lots of love that morning!

Mommy reading her a book to keep her busy before the surgery

And then Daddy

The hospital gave her a cute little bear to hold during
the surgery and then to bring home with her.

When we got home we had a package waiting for us from Nonny (Ryan's mom)

There was a princess for Mia

And a whale for Eli. Thank you Nonny!

GiGi (my Mom) had stayed with Eli while we were gone
and she also had a gift waiting for Miss Mia. A baby doll with a carrier.

She was very excited! Thank you GiGi!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Trip to the Houston Zoo

In the month of April we went to the Houston Zoo for our "Wee Get Together". It was lots of fun!

Mia watching the Cheetah
All of the animals were out close to the fences.
Usually they are all hiding when we go.
Annaliese, Mia & Lukey

Mia Beth watching the giraffes

The kiddos watching the elephants

Heather and Brayden

Wendy and Lillian
Somehow I always catch her when she is feeding Lillian

Watching the Lions

The Carousel

Eli and Maddy pretending to be Prairie Dogs

The REAL prairie dogs

Lukey playing on the slide

Some of the kids posing for us moms

Now for the train! Eli was waiting all day for this!

Trish with Walker and Annaliese

Serenity with Braeden

Kelli & Luke

Wendy with Lillian & Maddy

Heather with Brayden & Gavin

Me & my kiddos

Eli enjoying the ride! It was a fun day!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yes, I know. Easter was last month. But anyone who reads this knows I am always WAY behind. So, here are the pictures from Easter finally. This year we spent Easter weekend at the lake with my parents, Ryan's parents, my sister and her husband and kids and Ryan's brother and his kids. It was so much fun as usual. Then we headed back home Saturday night so we could celebrate our risen Lord at church Easter Sunday morning! It was a wonderful weekend! Not only celebrating with family but also teaching our children the true meaning of Easter. Eli is so eager to learn and hear all we can teach him about God and how he sent his son Jesus to die for our sins. We got to tell him the story of the last days of Jesus' life starting Thursday night at church. We celebrated Maunday Thursday at church. This was the day Jesus had the last supper with his disciples. Then Friday we explained that this was the day Jesus actually died for our sins on the cross. But on Sunday, this wonderful day we got to finish the story. That Christ did not stay in the grave, but he rose from the dead and he is now in heaven with God. So one day if we believe in Christ as our saviour and confess Christ is Lord, we will be saved and live forever with him in heaven. Never to be separated from God. Wow! We serve a wonderful mighty God!

Miss Mia feeding the deer

Cait and Eli relaxing in the hammock

Poppa (my dad) teaching Mia to fish

Pop Pop (Ryan's dad) helping Eli fish

Eli, Benjamin, Shelby, Cait, Luke and Mia
getting ready for our Spring Egg Hunt

Christopher (Ryan's brother) with his kiddos (Shelby and Luke)

My niece and nephew (Benjamin and Cait)

My sister and brother -in-law (Tamra and Paul)

Pop Pop and Poppa
This is Ryan's dad and my dad. They are the best of friends
and you can see why. They are both crazy and we love them dearly!

Ryan's parent's new house at the lake. It is almost finished!

My 2 beautiful nieces! (Shelby and Cait)

Mia having a blast on the horse swing

Ryan and Eli taking a jet ski ride.
It was so cold outside, but they just couldn't resist.

Poppa and Benjamin fishing

Mia, Auntie and Cait

Benjamin reading to Mia. She ADORES her Benjamin!

Eli, Mia and Cait getting ready for a boat ride

Ryan attempting Paul's famous "under the horse swing" routine

Eli at church Easter Sunday
Mia Beth

Ryan and the kids

Back at home

Mia loves to wear my heels. I don't know how she can walk in them,
but she does. It is too cute!