Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Eli was able to play basketball this year. He has waited a long time to play this sport. This is Ryan's sport, so it was very exciting to see Eli get his chance to play on a team. He was on a team that had kids from 4 years old all the way up to 2nd grade. So, the younger ones really had no idea what they were doing. But they caught on pretty quick. We still have a long way to go though.

Eli at his first practice.
The day of his first game. Look at that fast runner!

Attempting to dribble the ball.
Now for game time!

This was his favorite part of the game. Throwing the ball in.
Is this not the sweetest thing. Look at those shirts down to their knees.
They won!!!!!
Proud Daddy with his boy. Mia thought she needed to be in the picture too!
She was his official cheerleader!
Mommy and her sweet basketball boy! (And my sweet Mia).
Eli's team - The Airballerz (that was a pretty accurate name for them too).
So proud of my sweet boy!
We can't wait until basketball next year. But until then, T-ball here we come!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance!

My tiny dancer
Yes. Mia started dance class. She was very excited at first, but turned out to be short-lived. She has now informed me that she does NOT like ballet. I know that is not true because she dances all day long at home. At her dance school you cannot not stay and watch the class. They don't even like you to stay in the waiting room if you can help it. So, we started just dropping her off like all the other Moms. She did not like this. As soon as she realized that I was not there she went hysterical. So now we have to stay there to watch her and the teacher has to leave the door open just for Mia, so she can see us. But at least she is dancing again. Hopefully we can make it til the big program.

This was actually her first day!
The pictures are all out of order.
Waiting for her class to start.

Practicing her twirling.

She is by far the smallest in her class.

Notice she is doing something completely different than everyone else.
Now for tap.
I just love the little dance outfits. So sweet.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ice Skating!

Eli had been begging us to take him ice skating back in January. My parents told us about an ice skating rink in Tomball. So, we met my parents over there one night and took the kids skating. When we got onto the "ice" we realized that it was not real ice. It was more like soap. It was a lot harder to skate on than real ice. It was pretty frustrating, but thankfully the skating was free. Mia went once around and she was done. Eli skated what seemed like forever. He had a blast!

Trying out the skates.
Eli's turn. Notice I am holding onto the rail.
I only ate it twice, so I thought I did pretty good.
Mia's turn. She was a little terrified.
I would be too if I was been helped by these two people.

Poppa and GiGi with the kids.
My Ryan.

He fell a lot, but just kept getting back up.
Mia watching from the side!

Eli even stopped to talk to her a few times. So sweet.
Time to go.
Eli was so sad that he cried. But GiGi had some "happy pills" in her purse (also known as "Gummies"). They always make everything better.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bringing in the New Year!

Every year we bring in the New Year with our friends Kelli and Billy Bob. Last year we were not able to do that because their sweet little boy broke his leg. So we were very happy to be able to celebrate again with them this year and our other good friends Wendy and Brian. It was a very fun night. Lots of smore making, fire crackers, game playing and laughing! Can't wait until next year!

Miss Bo getting into a little mischief while everyone was busy!
Smore Time!

Sweet Miss Lillian
Kelli and Bo
Yes, all of our children were barefooted. Great parents, I know!
Funny how kids never seem to mind the cold.
Mia giving Bo some love!
Beautiful Bo!
Eli and his buddy Madison! He loves this girl!

Wendy and Lillian

Now for the fireworks!
Movie time for the kiddos!
Game time for kiddos at heart!
We laughed so much and even made it to midnight!
Happy New Year!