Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthday weekend

For my 31st Birthday we went to the lake to spend time with our families. We were also celebrating my Mom's birthday and my niece Cait's birthday. It was so much fun, like always!

I LOVE cookie cake! My parents get me one every year!
GiGi opening her gifts!

Cait opening her gifts!
This is the cheerleading outfit we gave her.
She is really into high school musical right now!
Here is her ballerina cake! We had to take her legs off because the cake was too short!
So we had to stick them back in just for fun!

Here was many of the huge bucks we saw that weekend!
We finished of the weekend with one last boat ride.
For some reason the boat always puts everyone to sleep!

Even Benjamin fell asleep

Thanks Mom and Dad and Dick and Sue for a fun weekend!!!!!

Time with Friends and Cousins

Ryan & I got so stay with my niece and nephew one day while they were visiting my parents. My friend Melissa let her little boy Hudson come over and play also. It was a fun day. Hudson even brought his dog Trooper. He was very entertaining!

Here are all the kiddos in the tent playing
Mia and Hudson

Cait holding the kitty that she named "Cuddles"
Trooper was afraid of the thunder and decided to sit with Hudson
It was a fun day!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Funny

So tonight I am in a Home Goods store with Eli and Mia. They are both sitting in the basket playing while we wait in line to check out. A woman walks by and Eli points and says "Mommy, doesn't that woman look scary?". So, I immediately turn red and say "We do not say things like that. We do not say ugly things about people.". Immediately another woman walks by me on the other side and Mia says "Mommy, that lady is scary too!" So now I am really embarrassed and getting on to both of them. A few minutes pass and I happen to look over my left shoulder. There stands a huge life size witch! I immediately realize that Eli was pointing at that, not the woman passing by. So, I had to look over my other shoulder to see if the same happened with Mia. And sure enough, there was another witch. I died laughing. My kids just stared at me like I was crazy. I asked them both if that is what they were pointing at and they said "Yes Mommy". I felt SOOOOOO bad. We laughed about it for the rest of the night. Motherhood. I think it is making me a little crazy! But it sure is fun!