Friday, January 29, 2010

Shelby's Birthday Party & Christmas with Ryan's family!

We spent Christmas with Ryan's parents at the lake this year! It was so nice in their new beautiful home. The beginning of many memories being made there. And as always we had Shelby's birthday party then also since her birthday is so close to Christmas. It was loads of fun!

The kids taking a ride on the "doodlebug"
Me, making some mashed potatoes, yummy!

Shelby reading the Christmas story to us!
She reads so well!
Luke opening one of his!

Eli and Ryan
Mia with her Bitty Baby Twins!
Shelby with her American Girl doll!
Thank you Nonny and Pop Pop!

The next day we had Shelby's birthday party!
Here she is opening her presents!
Now for some confetti poppers!
They were very loud! Look at Eli cringing!

Cookie Cake!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rare Moments

I know these seem like odd pictures to post. My kids with their hair a mess and their "comfy" clothes on. So here is why......Ryan and I strive to teach our kids to be kind to one another, always think about the other persons feelings before you think of your own, to have self control, etc. But we are in the training stages. The truth is that our kids fight......ALOT! I don't know if it is because they are so close in age or they share a room, or just that they are human and by nature, sinners. This is my main struggle in parenting. So this one afternoon my kiddos climbed into the chair together and sat quietly has they SHARED a coloring book. This could have been a disaster, but I was so happy to see them being kind to one another and sharing. So, I had to share it with all of you. It is such an encouragement to me when there are times like these when I see that my labor is not in them, teaching them, disciplining them. Lord, please give me the patience I need with these sweet babies. It is so hard, but also so rewarding when I can see the fruit!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mia's Birthday/Christmas at the farm

Since Mia's Birthday is so close to Christmas, we celebrated her birthday at the farm. We were actually celebrating Christmas with Ryan's Dad's side of the family, but she didn't mind a bit. Plus her Nonny brought her cupcakes. Cupcakes make any day great,right? So we started out the morning with our traditional birthday breakfast. She had asked for a breakfast taco and cinnamon rolls. My sweet friend Danta had made us homemade Cinnamon rolls and so that is what we all ate for her birthday breakfast. Thank you Ms. Danta!

Here is the Birthday girl just waking up.
Make a wish!
Sweet girl!

Now for Christmas with Ryan's grandparents and family.
The kids always get completely spoiled.
They get so many wonderful gifts!
Nonny, Pop Pop and Shelby opening presents!

Nonny and her grandgirls!
Susan, Aunt Leigh Ann and Aunt Jonie!

All of the great grandkids!

Now to the railroad tracks!
Sam, Eli and Luke
Pop Pop and Eli

Pop Pop and Mia
Ryan and Eli
Eli and me!
Thank you Nan Nan and Popsi for a great time!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas Program

Eli and Mia were in their very first Christmas program at their Mother's Day Out. It was so adorable! Not only to see them on stage, but to hear them singing songs about our Savior's birth. Just being able to teach them the true meaning of Christmas was wonderful this year. And even more wonderful that they were able to learn from actually acting out the story. We are so blessed to have them in this program! It was such a fun day!

Here is Mia with her little friend Demye.
They sang Jingle Bells on stage!
Eli and his friend Duece.
Eli loves to sing!

They were wisemen.

Eli even got to do the prayer at the end of the program.
It was so sweet of course!
Here are our munchkins being silly on stage!
We are so blessed!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mia Beth is 3!

Our sweet baby girl turned 3 in December. I cannot believe she is already this old. She seems like a baby in so many ways, but surprises us by what a big girl she is everyday! For her 3rd Birthday she had a Fancy Nancy Birthday party. Lots of her little friends came and it was lots of fun!

Here is the birthday girl before the party!

Cait in her fancy ensemble!

Mia and her friend Raygen
Eli and Benjamin dressed in their fancy things!
Sweet Miss Bo!

Ella and Chloe decorating their fancy bags!
Benjamin, Cait and Eli
Miss Mia decorating her bag!
Nonny and GiGi in their fancy clothes!
Nonny and Mia
GiGi and Mia
Gift time!!!!

Eli and Luke acting crazy!
All the Fancy girls!
It was a fun party! Thank you God for our prissy, beautiful, fancy little Mia!