Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

Okay, no. This post has nothing to do with basketball at all. Just wanted to share a few crazy pictures from March!

Our Mia getting ready for bed.
(Pay no attention to the mess under the bed.)
Getting ready to read the bible as a family.
We always look forward to this time at night. We read a 365 day bible with the kids. They always say, "what's going to happen next" and we say "you will have to wait until tomorrow to find out". So, they can't wait until the next night so they can hear the rest of the story. God's word is very exciting! And then of course we pray. We pray for people that are sick, people that don't know Jesus, just anything they have on their hearts. It is so sweet and genuine. They even have a prayer journal that we write their prayers in. Now that Eli can write, he writes most of them down himself. It is so sweet!

Everyday Mia dresses up in crazy outfits. I thought I would share one with you. She cracks us up!

We had our good friends Kelli and Billy Bob over the other night. The kids had a ball dressing up. Here is Bo. She saw my camera and got in front of me and said "Cheeeeee". So adorable!
Spiderman and a pirate. aka. Luke and Eli
Beautiful Bo
Mia, Eli and Luke

We have 2 great climbing trees in our yard. This one they have never tried to climb even thought they climb the other one all the time. So they thought they would give it a try.

Thank you God for this beautiful weather. I never want to come inside!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ladies Retreat

A few weeks ago we had our annual ladies retreat. It was so much fun as always. This year my Mom , mother-in-law and my sister got to come. We were all blessed by the music, testimonies and the speaker. This was especially a good weekend for me. Not only did I have fun seeing the retreat unfold after a year of planning with our committee, but also for personal reasons. It was great to have time to walk around the lake and talk with my family, reflect on what God has been doing and is doing. It was great!
God is so good.......All the time!

The praise team
My Mom, mother-in-law and sister
Isn't this lodge beautiful?

My friend Karen giving her testimony. Her testimony is so wonderful. It gives me chills thinking about it. She is a true testament to God revealing His plans over time.
My Mom and some other ladies decorating their bags.
My sweet sister!
Again, isn't this place beautiful!
My friend Paola giving her testimony. It was great also. Their was a similarity in all the testimonies this year. I know this did not happen by chance.
I didn't get a picture of Dara or Ms. Mason while they were doing their testimony. They had wonderful stories to tell of God's goodness and faithfulness. So good!
My sweet Kelli! She did such a great job teaching the breakout groups this year.
God really has blessed her in teaching others.

What a great weekend! Thank you God for my wonderful church family! You are so good to Ryan and I!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Roller Skating

We went roller skating! It was so much fun. A roller rink near us has a family christian night where they only play christian music. It was a great place for us to go have fun as a family, even though Mia went around twice and then she was done. Eli never took a break. He loved it so much that we decided to do his birthday party there. It is a typical roller rink. It has that "roller rink" smell. You know what I am talking about. It has not been updated since before I was born, I think. But it was still lots of fun!

Eli walking, I mean skating around the rink.
He fell so many times, but just kept getting up and going.
Mia spent most of her time pretending to play the games.

I had so much fun skating. I felt like a kid again.
I was hoping any second "Locomotion" would start playing.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This Valentines was so great this year! First we celebrated at my cousin Michelle's house. She is a stay-at-home teacher. That is, she use to teach, but now stays how with her little munchkin. She is so creative and planned all kinds of fun things for the kids. They decorated cookies, made valentine crafts, made valentines and had a yummy lunch. Thank you Aunt Shell!

Aunt Shell helping Mia with her cookies!
Eli and his yummy cookies!

Mia is known for her crazy faces. This is one of her best!
Now for the real smile! I love this girl!
My other cousin Angela with her little boy Allen.
My sweet Aunt Shannon with Riley!

Then all the kiddos got to watch a movie. Here is Riley all ready for the show!
And baby Allen jumped right up in the chair.
He is serious about this movie watching!
Thanks Aunt Shell for a fun day!

Then Mia and Eli had their Valentine parties at school.
Mia's best buddy Luke!
Mia's class!
Mia and Luke opening their Valentines.
They are so cute together.
They really do love each other, even with all that fighting they do.

Eli's Valentine's party!
Eli's buddy, Madison and her little sister, Lillian (my little buddy)

Brayden said "You better not put this on facebook".
So, I didn't, I put it on my blog instead.
They crack me up with the things they say!
Playing games!
My sweet friend Wendy and her girls!
My sweet friend Heather and Brayden.
Again, I did not put this on facebook as requested. Just my blog.
For our February Wee Get Together we had a Valentine cookie exchange. It was so much fun. We all brought our favorite cookies and exchanged them so we all left with a plate full of different yummy cookies. Then all the kids decorated sugar cookies for the police department.

Madison trying out one of the cookies. Don't worry we were very careful to make sure the kids did not lick any icing. After they decorated the cookies for the police officer, they got to make one for themselves.
Mia's little friend, Raygen. Such a sweet, sweet little girl.
Just like her mommy and daddy.
All our yummy cookies!
These were the cookies for the police department.
The kids even decorated a card for them.
All the kids ready to go make their delivery.
Yes, we are in walking distance of the police department. So we just walked right over.

The kids giving their cookies to a police officer.
We wanted to let them know we loved them and appreciate all they do for us and our community!
Brayden even got to shake her hand.
It was a great month of love!
"This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us."
1 John 3:16