Saturday, April 18, 2009

Four Wheelin'

Eli's little friend Brayden stopped by the other day
and he and Eli decided to do some four wheeling.
I love these pictures. They looked like little teenagers.
It was too cute!

Fun at the petting Zoo

Eli's Mother's Day Out class went to a Wildlife Park
in Alvin a couple of weeks ago.
The kids had a blast despite the yucky weather.
Eli and his buddy Brayden

Pony rides

We even took a safari ride on a train.
This is Eli with Madison (left) and Jaden (right)

Here is Eli feeding some kind of animal. I have no idea what it is.
It looked like a huge dirty donkey. Yuck!

Texas Longhorn

Ostriches are just weird! They said their brains are
the size of a pea. They really freak me out.

Yes, this was in my lap. There were a ton of camels.

Eli had so much fun and was not scared at all.
I was so proud of him.

Miss Kegan enjoying the ride.
This is another one of Eli's sweet buddies.

Eating lunch right next to the goat pin. It was all I could
do to eat my little bag of chex mix without throwing up. Fun times!

Eli and Brayden trying to feed the goat their shirts.
Boys will be boys!