Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eli's Birthday - Part 2

Our good friends Melissa and Tommy got tickets to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and they invited us to go with them. It happened to be on Eli's birthday, so it was a very fun day for our little man. And for us! Eli was so excited!

Ready for the rodeo

Our little cowgirl and cowboy!

Eli, Mia and Hudson (isn't he a doll?)

Whoa! Mia looks so tiny next to that cow!

Mommy and her little cowgirl

Pony rides!

Even Mia rode! Look at that face! She was not too sure about that.

Now we're having fun!

Melissa and Tommy with Ty and Hudson

At the petting zoo. The whole time I was in there,
a goat was trying to eat my purse. I was a little
freaked out. I am not a big animal person as you may
know. But the kids loved it!
Eli and his little buddy Ty

Farmer Eli

At the livestock show, we went through a little farm. The kids dressed up like farmers and had to pick vegetables and milk cows. It was so much fun. At the end, they sold all of their things to the farmers market and they gave them money to buy a treat, like juice or raisins. It was lots of fun.

Watering their crops

Just got done milking the cows

The little farmer taking a rest

And then it was rodeo time!

The sweet Najar family!

Hudson and Mia kissing on each other

Do these two love each other or what?

Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love you so much!
And thank you Tommy and Melissa for a fun day! We love you guys!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eli's Birthday - Part 1

Eli's Birthday was such a fun day! We started off the day with a special Birthday Breakfast. I got this idea from my friend Ashley. Then we went outside and gave Eli is birthday present and then headed off to the rodeo. We were so tired at the end of the day. But it was worth it!

Eli's favorite breakfast - breakfast tacos, donuts and chocolate milk

Miss Mia enjoying her breakfast!

My sweet little 4 year old!

Eli trying out his new 4 wheeler. We usually NEVER
spend this much on their birthday gifts, but this
was something he has been asking for, for a long time.
And it was worth every penny. He rides it
every day until the battery goes dead.

Taking sister for a spin

I love this picture. He is such a boy.
Every time it got stuck, he would hop off
and push it until he could ride it again.
Mia Beth taking a turn. That was scary!

Then we we played with Eli's bubble sword that he got for his Birthday!
(Thank you Gavin!)

Mia was all worn out!
More pictures to come!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Pirate Party!

Yes, our little pirate had a birthday! He is 4 now! I can hardly believe it. We actually had his party the weekend before his birthday. It was suppose to be in our back yard. Lots of room for all the little pirates to sword fight, walk the plank and go on scavenger hunts. But it rained all day long, so we had it indoors. It was a little crazy and crowded to say the least, but I think all of the kids still had a blast. Especially the little birthday boy! So, here are some pictures of the fun day.

Pirate cupcakes

Our sweet Mia

All the girls

Cousin Benjamin

Cousin Luke

Captain Eli
(He was in a little bit of a "mood" when
the party started. But thankfully he got
over it and started having fun)
The sword fighting begins!

And continues.....

And continues!

But now for some cupcakes!


Eli's sweet little girl friends Kegan and Ella

Mia's sweet friend Chloe
(her other sweet girl friends were there also - the twins, Sophie and Chloe)

I LOVE this picture! Tamra and Kelli were
getting attacked by a group of pirates.
I love their faces! Tamra is going to kill me!
My sweet friend Danta with her niece, Bo

Present time!

Lots of fun stuff! Thank you everyone!

We had to do the pinata at the church!
Here is cousin Shelby taking a turn swinging.

Now the birthday boy!

Way to go Cait!

Benjamin hit it so high that you
can't even see it in the picture!

All Eli's friends and cousins

My brother-in-law with his new "GPS"
attachment on his phone. You can hardly
see the scotch tape that is holding it on! Ha! He's so crazy!
Nonny and Shelby

Eli's first mate

My sweet sister Tamra and her wonderful hubby, Paul

Sweet cousin Cait

Sweet Poppa trying to pretend that he
is a mean pirate! We would never believe it!

Eli walking out one of his guests with his new umbrella.
We love you sweet boy! Happy Birthday!