Friday, October 30, 2009

Stop, Drop and Roll

A few weeks ago the kids had their fire safety week at school. They took a field trip to the fire station and even got to ride on the top of the fire truck!

Eli and his sweet friend Kegan
Riding the fire truck
Eli's little class with the fire chiefs

Monday, October 26, 2009

Play Time!

My good friend Wendy brought her kiddos over one day to play for while. Thought I would share some pics from the day!

Eli and Madison
(this just gives me a glimpse of the teenage years.)
Miss Lillian
Yes, that is a stick in her hand and yes, I did let her play with it.
She is so cute, I couldn't make myself take it from her!

Lillian and Mia playing together
Too cute! They were having so much fun on this 4 wheeler!
Little sweeties!
Miss Lillian taking a turn on a 4 wheeler. With her stick of course!
But she mostly just pushed it around.
Thanks Wendy for letting them come play. It was lots of fun!

Children's Museum

For our Wee Get Together in September we all went to the Children's Museum. It was so much fun! The kids really had a blast. It has totally changed since last time we went there.

Eli, the mad scientist
Mia Beth

This was a fun game that we all had to join in on. The light would go around the big circle and when it got to your feet, you had to jump over it. The kids loved it and so did the moms. I think we had more fun doing it, than the kids. Here is Brayden having a turn!
Ms. Kelli taking a turn

Ms. Wendy
They also had a grocery store for the kids to play in.

Mia and Luke
Eli, Brayden and Luke
Mia and Madison
Then they pretended to be veterinarians
Then they played outside in the water. Here is Madison having fun!

Luke and Bo
Soon I will have pictures of our October WGT!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birthday fun!

Mia's best little buddy, Luke turned 3 last month. On his actual birthday we all went to Chuck E. Cheese (or Chuck-N-Cheese, as Luke and Mia say) to celebrate. It was a super fun day!

Madison and Eli riding the Monster Truck
Miss Mia Beth


Luke and Mia with Chuck-N-Cheese himself

Cupcakes for the sweet birthday boy!
This cracks me up!!!
Is he not a cutie????

Baby Bo and Lillian
Best Friends that fight like sisters!
The whole gang!! (minus the little munchkins)
Happy Birthday Luke! We love you sweet boy!


Every Sunday night we have a preschool choir, called Shout! My good friend Kelli is the teacher and my kids can hardly wait until Sunday night rolls around. They love Preschool choir. I had to post these, because Mia is so cute. She just runs around the room dancing and having so much fun!

I love this picture, because her feet are both off the ground.

Thank you Ms. Kelli for teaching them every week! It is such a blast!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eli's First Dentist Trip

My sweet boy is growing up. He was so brave when we took him to his first dentist appointment. He was so excited. The dentist office even made our appointments all at the same time on accident. So we only got to sit with him for a few minutes and then we had to go get our teeth cleaned. He didn't care at all. He just sat in that chair and did everything they told him to do. I was so proud of him. It makes me sad that he is such a big boy now. Slow down sweet boy. I am not ready for these years to be over!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fun Projects!

We bought a shelf at Target for Mia, but realized when we got it home that it was not the right shade of pink. It completely clashed with all of her "shabby chic" decor in her room. So, I decided to cover it in some fun girly paper. It was a fun project and it turned out just like I hoped it would!

The finished project