Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Benjamin & Shelby!

Yes, Shelby's Birthday is the end of December and Benjamin's is Jan. 1. But who cares, I still wanted to show off some pictures of them. We were not able to go up for Shelby's party unfortunately, but we did get to have a little birthday party with her over Christmas. The kids and I did get to go up for Benjamin's at the last minute. Hopefully next year we can make it to both parties! Anyways, here are some pictures.


Shelby opening her presents!

Opening presents!

Posing with his planet cakes and his cousin Tyler!

Beautiful Cait and Eli

Blowing out the candles!

Eli with his planet cake

Miss Mia Beth having fun at the party!
Happy Birthday Benjamin and Shelby! We love you both so much! Hope this year is a very happy one!

Monday, February 23, 2009


I wanted to post some pictures of Christmas, but I do not have any pictures of when we went to my parent's house. I FORGOT MY CAMERA! I hate that. Tamra took lots of pictures for me, so hopefully one day I can get those from her. So, for now, here are pictures from our little family Christmas at home, Christmas at Ryan's grandparent's house and at my aunt and uncle's house.

Ryan, me & the kids with my parents at my Aunt Shannon & Uncle John's house. Tamra and Paul couldn't make it, they were celebrating with Paul's family that day.

Christmas at the farm (Ryan's grandparent's house).
Eli got a Texas football from Ryan's aunt & uncle

Mia Beth playing football with Daddy

Eli and his Pop Pop

Every time we go to the farm we put pennies on the Railroad tracks.
After a train comes by, we go pick up all the flattened pennies.
Here is Eli and his cousin Luke

When we got back home we had our little family Christmas. Here is Eli wrapping the present he got for Mia (a princess lunchbox). He was so excited to give it to her.

He worked really hard wrapping it for her. He wanted to make it just right!

Opening presents from Mommy and Daddy

Mia opening her present from brother. She loved it, of course!
Sorry that there are not more pictures. I was having camera problems. But we had a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Yes, we had snow in West Columbia, TX. If you live here, you remember the day. It was very exciting! You can't actually see the snow in the picture, but I promise it really was snowing! We just happened to be decorating our tree that day. So, it was so perfect. Again, I know these pictures are old, but I just had to share them.

Me and my baby girl

Daddy with Eli and Mia

Mia Beth helping decorate the tree

And of course, Eli

Ryan putting the star on the tree

And of course we had to make some Christmas cookies.
Eli's gingerbread man is headless!

This is Mia posing for the picture.
Notice her gingerbread man has a diaper.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Catching Up

Alright, I have been so busy that I failed to post pictures from Mia's Birthday, Christmas and other fun stuff we have been doing. So, here it is!

Mia turned TuTu!

Her enormous birthday cake (was not suppose to be that big)

The Birthday girl!

Her buddy Hudson

Her buddy Luke

Mia giving hugs to everyone at her party

More hugs

Waiting patiently for her cake

Cait and Eli waiting patiently


Playing with her cousin Luke

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!

We love you so much! We can't wait to see how you grow and change this next year. Our prayer for you is that you would grow into a Godly woman that loves the Lord with all of her heart.