Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Funny

Today Mia and Eli were in my room playing. Mia picked up a book of mine about marriage and said "Mama. I wanna wead dis". So, I told her "No baby. You wouldn't like that book." Eli was listening and said "what's it about?" So, I told him "Marriage". And he said "oh, so is it a scary book?" I just had to laugh. The answer Eli is "yes, it is scary sometimes"! =)

Here are some cute pics I wanted to share that have absolutely nothing to do with the paragraph above. Just felt like putting them on here.


Tricia said...

So true girl, so true! I am going to celebrate my 12th anniversary next month - can you believe I am THAT old!! When I see mom's dropping their kids off with dad's at the local gas station on Friday afternoon - I think - I can't imagine that life. I can't imagine not being married to Chris. And then he goes and does something that drives me completely crazy! Then I can't figure out how I have stayed married for so long! Definitely a SCARY thing - this whole marriage deal!!