Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sweets -N-Treats

I know, I am SO far behind on posting these pictures. But I couldn't leave these out. We had an event at our church called "Sweets-N-Treats". It was like a fall festival of sorts. GiGi came to our house that weekend and went with us. Ryan was out of town that night. The kids had a blast! Thank you Ms. Danta for putting it on!

Eli the fireman and his dalmation, Mia
(if you look close you can see her tongue sticking out)

How cute are they?

Mommy and her babies

GiGi with her sweet grandkids

Ms. Danta greeting us!

Wow! Ice Cream!

Eli won a door prize!

Look at that belly!

Eli and his princess, Kegan

Mia and her buddy Luke


Familyoffoxes said...

Danyel!! So good to see you and your gorgeous family! I had been seeing pics of you and your cuties through tamras blog, but i am so glad to see more of you on your own! Fun times!

Anonymous said...

Ok I know I'm slightly biased to fireman but they are tood cute!! I love it!!

Angela Harcrow